The #AFDetoxChallenge

The 5-day challenge to help you identify + "detox" from the stressors that have caused your adrenal fatigue symptoms

Are you addicted AF to your morning cup of coffee?

Are you constantly pushing yourself in the gym, in order to get past your plateaued weight-loss (or feeling guilty as hell because you're too tired to workout these days)?

Do sugar cravings and crashes leave you feeling defeated around food?

Are you constantly saying yes to things you don't have time for, and putting everyone else's needs before your own?

Do you consistently wake up in the morning feeling like you've been hit by a bus?

...You're not alone


Detoxing is the only way to truly recover from Adrenal Fatigue.

But don't worry, this ain't no juice cleanse.

Join the 1500+ other women who have successfully completed the #AFDetoxChallenge for the next 5 days and learn how to "detox" from the inflammatory foods, caffeine, and lifestyle stressors responsible for your hormone imbalance, acid reflux, weight gain, and adrenal fatigue.

Your Instructor

Andrea Nordling, NTP
Andrea Nordling, NTP

Hi, I'm Andrea! I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), die-hard foodie, blogger at, bossy mother of two, athleisure-wear enthusiast, essential oil prophet, world traveler, amateur fermentista, Type-A perfectionist + neurotic list maker, very outgoing homebody, and sarcastic SOB. I love red wine and red meat (equally) and if you feed me, I'll pretty much love you forever.

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